Posted by admin on October 26th, 2010

After years in high school, and college gymnastics, I realized I enjoyed perusing ways to decrease pain in my life. Massage helped me cross off: “hit a ball out of the park” on my bucket list. After receiving several massage sessions via two therapists. I hit two balls over the fence. Massage helped increase physical performance for me. That feeling I felt when that second ball went over the fence from a slow swing on a high inside pitch was utter amazement. I new I was not swinging harder.

“Press Smarter Not Harder,” has been my massage slogan ever since. Feedback from clients achieving this feeling in there lives as well is so rewarding. I feel I’m on track when a client gives me feed back, “I carved eight minutes off my marathon last week. I haven’t run that well for years.” I keep hearing “Wow if only I had added massage into my training years ago, I wonder what other sports I could still be doing?” I smile when a client gets a glimpse of their potential and values their body enough to tune it up right then maintain it.
I constantly practice giving and receiving massage with other LMTs for balance, and self care. By immersing myself in a variety of massage modalities like corporate chair, triathlons, myofascial workshops, and continuing education, I am able to meet my intellectual self-care needs.
“A day I did not learn something new is a day I did not live.”
“A career is where you get paid to do your passion; a job is what you do to support your passion.”-unknown
“If we received a massage at least as often as we had the oil changed in our cars we would be more than just young at heart.” -Leverett