Posted by Leverett Miller on April 13th, 2011

Why does my body need massage?

Receiving massage before we reach our limits while training helps prevent us from an injury.

How does massage help me with shorter recovery times when i train for an event?

Massaging soft tissue, increases circulation, decreases adhesion s and reduces restrictions, which increases the flow of nutrients to even the more fibrous parts of the body for a quicker recovery.

How does massage help prevent me from pulling muscles while training for an event.

Massage helps identify and reset the muscles that have lost their ability to lengthen and contract completely as they were designed. Over developed, muscle have the potential of straining or spraining the weaker, underlying, opposing, crossing, muscles beyond their limit. Massage lengthens, and loosens muscles allowing for all muscles required for that action to participate and grow equally.

How Can massage reduce my depressed mood?

Massage via the nervous system , triggers the endocrine system into rest and digest mode telling the body to increase its levels of mood boosting chemicals like, DHA,  dopamine and endorphins, which bio chemically alter our state of being.

Massage can help make us aware of where we are imbalanced by amplifying nerve pressure via touch. Properly applied massage at times, may even cause us to laugh, cry or  bring up a fond memory. Massaging parts of the body may trigger previous associated memories with that spot associated with the physiological and or emotional events, exciting or traumatic with that part of the body. The mind remembers and flashes signals reflexively re-triggering our chemical system associated with that event.

Why are there so many diverse massage modalities?

Massage applied for a specific purpose while performed by a highly qualified therapist can affect many of your body’s eleven systems all at once. Specialized massage modality’s like Thai, Sports, Ashiatsu OBT, lymph, cranio sacral, are used where others may contraindicate other systems in your body.

Can a licensed massage therapist (LMT) diagnose or treat more than someone certified in in general first aid and CPR?

Massage therapists do not diagnose or treat, unless they are licensed in more than just massage therapy.

How often do I need a massage?

How often massage is needed can be measurable by how quickly a cut takes to heal and repair or how quickly we get stressed.  One to two times a month is average for most of us. For event training get a massage at least once a week or often as you are  getting sore.
Pre event massage floods the muscles with extra nutrients without as much effort from the heart until further into the race. Once calories are used up the athletic field calls this hitting your creb-cycle wall. Post event massage usually happens after your bodies heat levels have lowered and you have eaten something to replace the calories you used up during the race then post event massage is used to prime the muscles with recovery nutrients, and to detox into the blood stream and leave less lactic acid in the tissue for a quicker recovery.