Posted by Leverett Miller on April 6th, 2011
“I had no idea my body had knots and tenderness in all those places or why, thank for helping me identify”

Janet Androschuk  2009    Walk Nationwide hosted by Allied Insurance Clackamas OR.

“We were very grateful to have your participation and hope to have your continued support in the future.”
Carrie McCain – Portland Trail Blazers Wellness Fair 2009  Chair Massage Event

“Leverett Thank you so very much! My sister in law said that was the best massage she has ever had – (think you got a new Cx!)”
Shannon Mojoe, “The Massage Clinic” Office Manager 2009 relaxation massage

“Leverett let me know exactly what was going on, and kept in tune with me.”
James Lynch LMT 2005   clinic massage

“Leverett does a wonderful job at getting to the source of your pain. He gets your body to release in areas that you didn’t realize were causing you problems until you stand up and realize how much better you feel. He not only helps you to relax but also to rejuvenate your energy.”
Jessica Malabanan LMT 2009 – jessica.malabanan@gmail.com

“Yesterday I got the best massage of my life from Leverett T. Miller, LMT. Intuitive as hell, he knows just what you need and selects from an impressive ‘palette’ of skills and techniques. If you’re ever anywhere near West Linn,  Oregon City of Portland, I recommend a session with Leverett.”
Jill Arnel US census 2010 Free Lance writer New York, Facebook July 2010.

“He makes deep tissue work so relaxing”. He follows tension lines in the muscles until they finally release, causing many surrounding tissues to let go as well. I highly recommend him.”
Sarah LaBonte LMT 2008