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Posted by Leverett Miller on October 26th, 2010

call or text (503) 319-2784

“Massage is the pause between the notes of a song, vital me time you spend on yourself, to breath in, recharge, exhale in validation, align in renovation. Without pause we loose the capacity to appreciate the music in the moment, and all that we are surrounded by is lost in a blur as we jump to warp drive.”
-Leverett T Miller LMT

Current times available for massage:

Mondays,     9 am-7 pm

Tuesdays,    9 am-7 pm

Thursdays,  9 am-7 pm

Fridays,        9 am-6 pm

Kiwanda Creative: Leverett & Kids 11-30-13 &emdash;

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Leverett Massage is located inside :

Living Water Hydro colon therapy

11515 SW  Durham Rd.  unit E9

Tigard, OR. 97224


Leverett Miller LMT  #12848

The first massage I received brought me into an amazing calm, peaceful mood. How had I gotten this far in my life without one.  In December 2005 I graduated  an LMT.

In addition to becoming certified  in Ashiatsu WBT in 2009, my experience and techniques includes Myo-fascial unwinding, pregnancy, chair, sports, prenatal, and massage for motor vehicle accidents.

“My natural strength lies in tactile discernment. I work intuitively in layers to reach your body’s tension imbalance non-invasively. I flow into effective technique combinations to unravel and meet your immediate need, from a growing pallet of skills.”

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